18th Biennale of Sydney

The Sydney Biennale is Australia's largest cultural event. 650,000 people experience hundreds of artworks across some of Sydney's largest galleries and tourist sites. It is also one of the oldest Biennale's in the world.

The Biennale project, which I collaborated with designer Clemens Habicht on, was a long and challenging ordeal. Fraught with twists and turns and dead-ends, the client/designer process almost materialised in the same way as our original concept. A series of paths leading to and from points, both beautiful and chaotic.

The sketches below focus on the early ideas that went into the proposal that won the project, and in a tangential way ended up paralleling the work of Biennale Artist Zoe Keramea, whose twisting, intersecting ribbons would form the final incarnation of the brand system for the event.

Expressing how a member of the public experiences and sees art was at the core of our idea. We wanted to create a brand that seemed perpetually in flux, at odds with the core of what a brand does, and the safe stability and predictability it is supposed to bring. Art encourages reaction. And different reactions and the paths people take through some of arts themes was a central part of what we were hoping to explore.

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