BMW — Hydrogen

A project commissioned out of Austin, Texas for BMW USA, the Hydrogen commercial purported to align the car maker with a green alternate fuel type. I had little over three weeks to concept, plan and execute the project. Working with some very clever technical people at Fuel VFX in Sydney(since closed), we planned to build the visibility of a car from the inside out using a water-like fluid. All done in CG, the fluid simulations filled car parts like glass vessels, presenting a very simple 'reveal' story.

With much of the ad(in a cliche sort of a way) sketched out on a napkin over dinner I set about, as I usually aim to do with CG, trying to draw all the camera scenarios, what's happening and how much we do and don't see.

Wheels, springs, headlights and internal components were all rudimentarily drawn out to show how the fluid defined their form. I also gave indications to the animators and fluid simulators at what order we would see different parts of the action in a single shot sequence.

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