Fiona Hall Venice Biennale

I had the pleasure of meeting Australian artist, Fiona Hall and Venice 2015 curator, Linda Michaels after a successful proposal to the Australia Council. Fiona's work carries with it a unique sense of typography and graphic sensibility so for our work it was a matter of channelling that appropriately in a way that made it feel as little as possible like a marketing campaign. Though the process was a struggle at first, it was to the credit of the Australia Council leadership that they went our way. While most of the design outcomes were fairly conventional in terms of format, the usb thumb drive was a rare outcome. This page focuses on that element of the project.

I explored a number of forms that touched on Fiona's artworks but the tin works were perfect. I wanted to bring Fiona's sardine tin works into the Venice context as giveaways and loved the analogy that, like fish in a can, PR material lives in a USB. I liked that the object implied contents and we managed to convince Australia Council(or maybe they didn't need much convincing) that it had to be made of solid chromed steel. We had 1000 made and I think they weighed a tonne but were well worth it.

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