MTV Australia Awards 2008

I shared this project with long time friend and collaborator Clemens Habicht. We decided to take on the project after my Collider co-partner Daniel Askill became unavailable. I think we relished the opportunity to take the high-speed look into a parody and all of a sudden, the entire piece became more of a spoof that it was meant to be originally. With cinematography by Tim RIchardson(using a Phantom camera set to between 500-1000fps most of the time), we shot the pants off this and turned over 120 shots in 2 days at Sydney's railyards. Involving pyrotechnics, custom paint ball miniguns and miniatures, it became one of the projects I always remember with a chuckle. Most of the sketches for the scenarios disappeared but there are a few early thoughts involving sharks and diggers dressed up as dragons(there wasn't much of a brief). There was also a long, protracted process figuring out the ID for the awards that year. We ended up with the flag motif as it suited the dualing theme so well but I think the MTV client at the time, Patrick Clair(now Antibody, Elastic), took it into a typographic direction. The Ned Kelly helmets live on in the Collider reception.

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