Surry Hills Library & Community Centre

My first project in the signage and wayfinding realm was challenging but rewarding in the sense I finally got to realise physical ideas I'd be toying with virtually for years.

More sculptures than signs (as they are arguably not highly usable on a number of fronts) the Surry Hills Library directories explored bringing the feeling of movement and dynamism to signage. I worked with designer Clemens Habicht and architects Akin Creative to realise the signage concept for the project architects FJMT and client, City of Sydney. Clemens and I focused on intervening as little as possible with existing materials and proportions and, where possible, looked at how letter forms could grow from the architecture in the most embedded way possible. We also wanted a sense of play and the giant angles were us exploring ideas that implied direction or intention. Using tilts and leans gave the panels a sense of rolling the user to their destintation.

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